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  • Are you worried about affording your mortgage payments?
  • Is paying the mortgage and bills a massive burden every month?
  • Is your home under threat due to late, or missed mortgage payment?
  • Are creditors chasing you relentlessly for money?
  • Do you want to sell, but don’t know where you will live afterwards?
  • Is you money tied up in the house but you can’
  • Do you want to sell quickly, but don’t have money to renovate?
  • Have you had a cash offer and need a FREE second opinion quickly?

Karry and Kay are local and fast trade buyers from Croydon Property Buyers

We Offer a FREE consultation service and charge no fees at any stage.

Call Us FREE on 02031517468 WE ARE LOCAL TO THIS SHOP

Remember – There are absolutely NO FEES at any stage.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it FREE for you to find out more.

We can help you suspend a repossession order using the N244 form

All Calls are completely confidential and free of pressure.



Finding Tenants Without An Agent

Are you a landlord struggling with finding tenants?
Are you relocating and have one or more of your property vacant?
Are you a Landlord in Croydon tired of the burden of managing tenants and multiple properties?

At Croydon Relocations we help experienced and new landlords who are struggling with finding tenants. We would become your tenant and offer you a unique Guaranteed Rental Solution for your vacant property.

Under our Secure Rental Scheme you can enjoy letting your property with NO VOIDS, NO ARREARS, NO FEES, NO Tenant Problems, NO Emergency Call Outs and NO Legal Compliance to worry about.

We would guarantee you a tenant in 5 days and increase your rental income by 33%

We can even agree an advanced sale to a Tenant Buyer on our Rent To Own scheme which helps a family get on the housing ladder and gives you peace of mind and the benefits of forward planning.

Contact us NOW on 020 3151 7468 f or a free assessment of your property.